The Spirit of Africa

Rules  & Conditions


By entering the competition, the winner consents to take part in any publicity accompanying or resulting from this promotion, and for his/her name and country to be used for publicity purposes by Afriosi in printed and/or on-line formats to promote Afriosi and in support of artists from Africa.

The collaborative work created from the winning entry will be auctioned and 50% of the proceedings will be donated to the charity chosen by the winner of the winning entry.



The competition is open to everyone, except those connected with Afriosi.

Individuals under 18 may enter the competition, but the prize can only be redeemed by an adult of at least 18 years of age. If the winner of the competition is under 18, the prize can be transferred to anyone over 18.

Entries must be submitted by email to

A maximum of one entry per person may be entered

Winners must book their own travel insurance, have a valid passport and organise their own travel to airports in the UK.

When you enter this competition, your email address will be automatically added to our database and will receive our newsletters, and announcements of future events, exhibitions. Please note that you will be given the opportunity to unsubscribe from the email newsletter via the unsubscribe message in the email.

The prize consists of:

a. Accommodation for Seven nights

b. Flight with Ethiopia flying out of Frankfurt Germany to Tanzania and return back to country of origin in Europe

c. A meal at the international Ethiopian restaurant Ambassel in Frankfurt (optional) 


Runner up prizes will be announced at the same time as the first prize winner

the runner up entry selected will have a chance to win a painting from selected artists that will be presented at the time when the winning entries are announced.

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Top tips for entrants

this competition encourages the most creative you to emerge,hence exploit it and allow yourself to be as imaginative as possible.

Look for new or interesting angles for originality

objectivity can be invaluable

Make sure you adhere to the competition rules.